Adria>Statement from the President of the Management Board of Adria Airways d.d.

Statement from the President of the Management Board of Adria Airways d.d.

Author: Adria Airways

Following the conclusion of the meeting of its Supervisory Board, Adria Airways d.d. submits a statement from the newly appointed President of the Management Board, Mark Anzur.

“I am pleased to have merited the confidence the Supervisory Board has shown me to date and to have been appointed as President of the Management Board of Adria Airways. The Supervisory Board has given me a tremendous responsibility, as managing an airline in an international business climate that is anything but hospitable is a great challenge.

The greatest treasure Adria Airways possesses are its passengers, its business partners and its associates. In cooperation with the latter, we will strive to achieve the even greater satisfaction of our current passengers and to win over new ones. The profitable growth of the company, security and quality services will be our key goals in the future. Accordingly, by autumn of this year we will present the company’s new business strategy for the next couple of years.

I believe that in the upcoming period, my excellent team and I will justify the confidence shown to us.”

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