Adria>Take a Weekend Break with Adria's "Top Offer of the Week"

Take a Weekend Break with Adria's "Top Offer of the Week"

Author: Adria Airways

Every Monday, Adria Airways will be offering particularly low prices for flights at the end of the week.

For the weekend, passengers will be able to fly from Ljubljana to one of the cities in Europe that is on Adria's flight schedule.

"At Adria Airways, our goal is to be even more flexible when it comes to our pricing policy and to enable as many people as possible to travel to other European cities. Obviously, the offer only includes a limited number of seats, much like with any other airline," said NataĊĦa Celec, Adria Airways Marketing Director.

Passengers who are subscribed to the Adria Airways newsletter will be notified of the Top Offer of the Week every Monday. At the same time, the offer will also be published on the website and social networks (Facebook, Twitter).

With the next Top Offer of the Week, you can take an Adria Airways flight to Skopje next Friday for just EUR 149, spend the whole weekend in the beautiful Macedonian capital and return home on Monday.

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