Adria>Adria's CRJ200 aircraft "Fox" received with all honours after its last flight from Vienna

Adria's CRJ200 aircraft "Fox" received with all honours after its last flight from Vienna

Author: Adria Airways

On the evening of Sunday, 15 June 2014, the airport firefighting service greeted the CRJ200 with the customary water salute, consisting of crossed plumes of water from its firefighting vehicles. The aircraft, which was returning from Vienna, had been part of Adria's fleet for more than 15 and a half years.

The CRJ200, known as "Fox" after the last letter of its registration number and call sign, completed its first flight from Ljubljana to Tirana and back again on 29 November 1998. Over the course of more than 15 years it completed 34,620 flights for Adria Airways, the Airline of Slovenia ( Built by the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace, the 48-seat aircraft spent an impressive 38,140 hours in the air.

"Fox" was mainly used on Adria's scheduled services, since this type of aircraft is most suitable for shorter flights. The longest flights flown by "Fox" were to Morocco, Egypt, Russia and the Canary Islands. The aircraft flew 25.2 million kilometres and carried 1,049,350 passengers during a career lasting more than 15 years.

In accordance with its annual plan and company strategy, Adria Airways has already replaced the 48-seat CRJ200, registration S5-AAF, with a new CRJ900 NextGen, registration S5-AAV. Adria's fleet now consists of eleven aircraft: one Airbus A320, two Airbus A319 aircraft, six Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft and two Bombardier CRJ200 aircraft.

Video footage of the water salute to the Adria's CRJ200 aircraft "Fox".