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New service on Adria Airways flights – SkyShop

Author: Adria Airways

Zg. Brnik, 17 April 2014 – Following an in-depth analysis of the competition and trends across the airline industry, Adria Airways d.d. has decided to introduce an additional service to cater for passengers' comfort and needs: the new SkyShop service offers a high-quality selection of drinks and snacks on most scheduled flights in Economy class. The service will be available from 22 April 2014.

SkyShop, an important new service for Adria passengers, was presented to representatives of the media at today's meeting. The service aims to respond more closely to the needs of passengers on Adria Airways flights, which are mainly short-haul. Passengers on these flights have different priorities from passengers on long flights. "By introducing this new service we are responding to the wishes and needs of today's passengers and giving them the opportunity to choose," explained Iztok Franko, a member of the SkyShop project team and director of marketing and IT at Adria Airways. "Analysis of the competition and trends in the regional carriers segment, to which Adria belongs, indicates that the most important thing for passengers is safe, fast, competitively priced transport to their final destination." Analyses of the market and passengers' needs have shown that food, baggage and other services do not play a key role in the choice of airline. Adria is therefore following these trends and joining other airlines, which have already successfully introduced sales of drinks and snacks on their aircraft. "The primary aim of the new SkyShop service is to provide a quality service for passengers at a moderate price," added Franko.

Introduction of the service is also the result of a long-term cost-reduction strategy – part of the restructuring plan adopted by Adria.

The head of the SkyShop project is Mario Mezek, the director of ground operations at Adria Airways: "The team we put together for this project was quite a diverse one, involving nine Adria employees. The project team had to consider all aspects of this demanding project, from logistics and the selection of products to suppliers and standards. We also had to choose appropriate technical support." At the meeting with the media Mr Mezek emphasised that the service is aimed at passengers in Economy class. To this end Adria Airways has also produced a handy catalogue and price list, which passengers will find in the seat pocket in front of them. The cabin crew will also be on hand to help them make their selection. The catering service in Business class remains unchanged.

Services on Adria Airways charter flights will remain the responsibility of charter customers, i.e. the travel agencies who charter the flights.

"We believe that the service is a good one and we have made a special effort to ensure that the range of products includes something for everyone," added Mezek. "With this service I think we have come closer to meeting the requirements of today's Adria passengers."