Air adventures

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Panoramic flights

See Ljubljana or Bled from the air, fly over the Julian Alps or choose your own destination in Slovenia or neighbouring countries and enjoy a bird’s eye view.

Panoramic flights usually take place at an altitude of over 300 metres, in a single-engine propeller-driven aircraft with an average speed of around 220 km/h. Flights are for a single passenger (two-seater aircraft) or three passengers (four-seater aircraft).

For more information about panoramic flights, visit our air adventures website.

As well as panoramic flights and simulator flights, you can try an adrenaline-boosting parachute jump from an aircraft and a panoramic helicopter flight.

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Promotional flights in a flight simulator

Put yourself in the pilot's seat and with the help of a professional flight training simulator you can take off, soar above the clouds and return safely to Earth.

Learn the basics of flying, controlling an aircraft and navigation in the professional simulator that we use at our flight training centre to train pilots. The flight simulation can be adapted to the age and experience of the user. Fly independently with a running commentary from a professional pilot.

For more information about simulator flights, visit our air adventures website.

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