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Adria Corporate Card

Loyalty programme for businesses and government institutions

The Adria Corporate Card loyalty programme is designed for businesses, government institutions and other legal entities whose employees travel with us. Enrol in the programme and every flight will earn you points which you can then exchange for free flights, upgrades or an additional baggage allowance.

Employees earn points for every Adria Airways flight and your business or organisation can exchange the collected points for the following rewards:

  • Free flights (see the table to find out how many points you need to earn a free flight).
  • Travel in Business class: With 9,000 points you can upgrade an Economy class ticket to Business class on scheduled Adria flights (see the table to find out how many points you need to earn a free flight or upgrade).
  • Additional baggage allowance (up to 23 kg): 15,000 points entitles you to travel with an additional piece of baggage free of charge.
Adria Corporate Card 1

Where can I enrol in the Adria Corporate Card programme?

Complete the registration form and send it to us by mail, fax or email.

Adria Airways d.o.o.
Passenger Relations Centre and Privilege Club
Zgornji Brnik 130h
4210 Brnik
T: +386 4 259 4581
F: +386 4 259 4573

On enrolment, a blue card is issued in the name of your business or organisation. Multiple cards can be issued with the same number. (Travel agents may not be Adria Corporate Card holders.)

Registration form

Rules and conditions

Managing your points

What is the validity of points collected with the Adria Corporate Card?

Points collected with the Adria Corporate Card are valid for three years.

How often do I receive a statement of my Adria Corporate Card points?

Every two months, provided the total number of points collected has changed, we will send a statement of Adria Corporate Card points to your designated email address together with your new account balance.

Can Adria Corporate Card points be claimed retroactively?

If for any reason a flight by one of your employees has not been credited, you can claim points retroactively by sending a copy of the ticket and the original boarding pass to the above address within six months of the date of travel.

For additional information and assistance

Passenger Relations Centre
T: +386 4 259 4581
F: +386 4 259 4573
Freephone: 080 13 00
Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.