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Adria Corporate Programme

Join our loyalty programme for businesses – the Adria Corporate Programme

In the business world, air travel is the most convenient form of travel.

We want to reward businesses and other legal entities whose employees travel with us, and that is why we have developed the Adria Corporate Programme. Businesses enrolled in the program earn points with every flight, which can be exchanged for free flights, upgrades or an additional baggage allowance. There are no enrollment costs: enrolment in the program is completely free of charge.

See how many points you earn for an individual flight >

Employees enrolled in the Adria Corporate Programme earn points for every Adria flight and your business can then exchange the collected points for the following rewards, according to preference:

  • Free tickets, 
  • upgrade to Business class,
  • Free additional baggage allowance.

You can use the collected points to upgrade an Economy class ticket to Business class (on scheduled Adria flights).

Table of points needed to earn free flights and to upgrade for Business class >

Adria Corporate Card 1

In addition to the above rewards, members of the program can also take advantage of the following benefits:

  • mobile boarding pass,
  • use of the Business class check-in 
  • priority lane for security screening at Ljubljana Airport, 
  • car hire discounts (Europcar: 5% discount for ACP and 15% discount for ACP + members).

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Additional benefits

Where can I enrol in the Adria Corporate Programme?

Complete the registration form and send it to us by mail or email:

Adria Airways d.o.o.
Sales - ACP
Zgornji Brnik 130h
4210 Brnik


Registration form

Registration form for the membership of the Adria Corporate Programme (pdf)

Rules and conditions

Rules and conditions of membership (pdf)

For further information about enrolling and using your points, write to us at

Enroll in the Adria Corporate Programme and start collecting points and enjoying the benefits of the program straight away!

Adria Corporate Card 3

Managing your points

What is the validity of points collected with the Adria Corporate Card?

Points collected in the Adria Corporate Programme are valid for three years.

Do we receive information about how many points we have collected in the Adria Corporate Programme, and how often?

Yes. Every two months we will send details of the total points collected to your contact email address (provided the amount has changed since the last notification).

Can points obtained in the Adria Corporate Programme be added retroactively?

If for any reason a flight by one of your employees has not been credited, we can add the points retroactively. In order to add a flight and the relevant points, we must receive a copy of the ticket and the original boarding pass within six months of the flight date at the latest.

Adria Corporate Card 5