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Miles & More

Loyalty programme for individual frequent flyers

Join the Miles & More programme and with every flight you will earn extra miles which you can spend on more flights, hotel accommodation, car rental or attractive rewards.

The programme is aimed at individual frequent flyers. Earn extra miles on all Adria Airways scheduled flights and flights with Star Alliance members and other partner airlines.

The programme does not only reward you for flying with us, but also for other travel-related activities with Miles & More partners: payments with credit cards, hotel accommodation, car rental, bank transactions, phone calls and certain purchases.

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Where can I enrol in the Miles & More frequent flyer programme?

You can fill in the online registration form on the Miles & More website. We will assign you a membership number and you can print out a temporary membership card. You will receive your permanent card and PIN after your first miles are credited to your account.

You can pick up a printed registration form at Adria Airways sales offices, aboard the plane or from travel agents. Please complete it and send it to the address shown. The registration form includes a temporary membership card.

Complete the online registration form 

Miles & More allows us to offer our passengers more ways to earn and spend miles across the entire Star Alliance network.

What benefits does the Miles & More programme offer me?

  • When you enrol in Miles & More you receive a temporary paper membership card.
  • With your first miles you become a full member and receive a permanent blue membership card with a personal identification number (PIN). You need your membership number and PIN to claim membership privileges and check your account status.
  • On Adria Airways flights, Miles & More members earn from 125 to 2,000 miles, depending on the fare paid. Miles earned also count as status miles, which are used to qualify for a higher status level.
  • Meet the qualifying conditions (number of miles or number of flights) in a calendar year and become a Frequent Traveller (silver member) or Senator (gold member).
  • Collect even more miles and achieve the highest status: HON Circle. Higher status membership is valid for two years across the entire Star Alliance network.
  • Higher status members earn 25% more miles on Adria Airways flights.

Lufthansa's Miles & More club is the leading frequent flyer programme in Europe.

You can earn miles with the following airlines:
Air Canada web5
Tap AirPortugal web9