Official partner airline

A reliable partner for your event

Are you organising a major conference or other event in Slovenia and looking for a partner to transport delegates/attendees? As your partner, we can provide air transport services on Adria Airways routes.

What are the advantages of a partnership with Adria Airways?

Details of the partnership are defined through the signing of a reciprocal agreement. We offer delegates/attendees and those accompanying them a discount of up to 20% on Economy and Business fares on Adria Airways direct flights.

A discount of up to 20% on fares on direct flights.

How to become an Adria Airways partner

The first step is to complete the online questionnaire. On the basis of your answers, we will assess whether an official partner airline is the right solution for your event and prepare a draft cooperation agreement for you to review.

Conventions Plus – additional service

If your event meets Star Alliance criteria, we can extend the agreement to all member airlines who agree to the partnership and in this way offer you all the benefits of the Conventions Plus service. The aim of the service is to simplify the organisation and management of your event through the creation of a single point of contact. The main criteria are the size of the event and the number of countries and continents from which delegates will be attending.

Adria Airways is a member of the Slovenian Convention Bureau and an active player in Slovenian MICE tourism.

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