General Conditions of subscription to the e-newsletter

1. General

Through the General Conditions of subscription to the e-newsletter, Adria Airways d.o.o., Zgornji Brnik, lays down the obligations, rights and conditions for using and managing the data of registered users.

Subscription to the e-newsletter is open to natural persons who sign up for the e-newsletter on the website and who supply their e-mail address upon registration.

Adria Airways d.o.o., Zgornji Brnik, (hereinafter: Adria Airways) respects your privacy and undertakes to protect data obtained from registration forms on the website in accordance with the valid legislation governing protection of personal data.

Name of contacts database (registered with the Information Commissioner of Slovenia): _______

Your consent to the collection and processing of personal data

By signing up for the Adria Airways e-newsletter I:

  • accept the general conditions of use and of subscription to the Adria Airways e-newsletter,
  • authorise Adria Airways, based on the data I have supplied, to set up, collect, keep, use, process and store my data in its contacts databases and other data about me as an e-newsletter user, in the manner and for the purposes described below,
  • declare that I am aware that I may at any time request Adria Airways to stop using my personal data for the purpose of direct marketing and stop sending me information material.

By signing up for the e-newsletter, the user accepts the published General Conditions. We will keep you regularly informed of any changes to the General Conditions on our website.

2. Purpose of collecting and keeping data

The purpose of collecting, processing, keeping and using data is: sending out special offers, advertising material, magazines and invitations to events, and for telephone, written and electronic surveys, notification about activities, services and prize games organised by Adria Airways, or organised by another legal entity organising the prize game in cooperation with Adria Airways.

Personal data are kept in computerised form. Upon termination of the need to keep the data, or on the basis of a written termination from the user, the data will be deleted or the data carriers destroyed.

3. Unsubscribing from the e-newsletter

Users can cancel their registration in the database by opening an e-newsletter message and clicking on the "unsubscribe" link. Users may also unsubscribe from the e-newsletter and request deletion of their contact details by sending an e-mail request to

Upon confirmation of unsubscription, we will delete all the user's data from the list of users.