General terms and conditions for use of the MYADRIA portal

1. General

Through the general terms and conditions for use of the web portal MYADRIA, Adria Airways d.o.o., Zgornji Brnik, lays down the obligations, rights and conditions for the use and operation of the MYADRIA portal.

The MYADRIA web portal can be used by consumers, i.e. natural persons, who register to use the MYADRIA portal, where according to the Personal Data Protection Act, only the data of natural persons are considered to be personal data.

Adria Airways d.o.o., Brnik, (hereinafter: Adria Airways) respects your privacy and undertakes to protect personal data obtained via registration forms on the MYADRIA portal in accordance with the valid legislation governing protection of personal data.

Adria Airways accepts no liability for the protection of data on websites that are not in any way associated with our company. Equally, we accept no liability for any errors resulting from the communication of incorrect data upon registration or logging in on the MYADRIA portal.

In the event of changes, necessary additions or incorrect personal data, MYADRIA portal users can check and where necessary change or supplement their data.

Your consent to the collection and processing of personal data 

By registering on the MYADRIA portal I:

  • accept the general terms and conditions for use of the MYADRIA portal,
  • authorise Adria Airways, based on the data I have supplied, to set up, collect, keep, use, process and store my data in its personal databases and other data about me as a user of the MYADRIA portal, in the manner and for the purposes described below,
  • declare that I am aware that I can demand at any time that Adria Airways stop using my personal data for the purpose of direct marketing and stop sending informational material.

By registering on the MYADRIA portal, users accept the published General Conditions. We will keep you regularly informed of any changes to the General Conditions on our website.

2. Data protection

At Adria Airways we undertake to protect all communicated personal data of natural persons, in accordance with the valid legislation. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, in order to prevent any unauthorised access to personal data or their disclosure, to maintain the accuracy of personal data and ensure their proper use, we use appropriate technical and organisational procedures to protect the personal data we collect.

All personal data are used and kept in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. We will not disclose any collected information to third persons, with the exception of authorities empowered by law, upon their written request. We will keep collected personal data for the legally provided period of time.

In accordance with the law, users have the right to access and correct their personal data. You can change your data in your user profile or by written request to Adria Airways. Users can at any time request in writing that Adria Airways permanently or temporarily cease using their personal data and data on shopping.

The data user is the administrator of the MYADRIA portal.

3. Purpose of collecting and keeping data

The purpose of collecting, processing, keeping and using data is: statistical processing, segmentation of buyers, processing previous shopping behaviour, sending out special offers, advertising material, magazines and invitations to events, and for telephone, written and electronic surveys, notification about activities, services and prize games organised by Adria Airways, or organised by another legal entity organising the prize game in cooperation with Adria Airways.

Personal data is kept in computerised form. Upon termination of the need to keep the data, or on the basis of a written termination from the MYADRIA user, the data will be deleted or the data carriers destroyed.

4. Registration and de-registration

Users of the MYADRIA portal can register on the web link and select the type of registration. Users can also register via their Facebook account or can create an account by entering the required data on the web form. Compulsory data are essential for further procedures of logging in and for communication in interactions with the registered user, and these are indicated with a star.

When registration is successfully completed, users can then subscribe to segmented news and notices, they can participate in exclusive prize games for members and can take advantage of special benefits and promotional prices for members.

Users who do not wish to give any of the compulsory data during registration will not be able to complete registration, and consequently will not be able to use the MYADRIA portal.

5. Cancelling registration

Users can cancel their registration from the MYADRIA database by calling the free telephone number 080 1300 or by letter to Adria Airways d.o.o., Zgornji Brnik 130H, 4210 Brnik - Aerodrom.

By the time of final confirmation of cancellation, we will delete all the user's personal data from the list of users.

6. Difference between registering and logging in

Registration means just the first entry in the database, where the user enters the required data depending on the type of registration. Logging in means that all the necessary data are already entered in the database, and for each further access to operations the user needs to give just their e-mail address and password, which is selected on registration. If the user forgets their password, they can send a request for a new password.

7. Unauthorised use of the MYADRIA portal

Any attempt at unauthorised / malicious use of the MYADRIA portal, or use that harms others, is prohibited and punishable.

8. Copyright

Content published on the Adria Airways website is the property of Adria Airways, and may be used solely for non-commercial purposes, where all the stated cautions regarding copyright must be retained, and content may therefore not be transcribed, duplicated or distributed in any other way. Publication, reproduction, selling, modifying or transforming such content without the written permission of Adria Airways is prohibited. Any attempt at unauthorised modification, damage or the causing of permanent or temporary disabling of data on the Adria Airways website is punishable. Equally, any attempt at unauthorised access, circumventing websites, to any other content within the Adria Airways information system is punishable.

9. Limited liability

Adria Airways shall not be liable for any temporary non-functioning of the web portal, any inaccuracy of information or for any damage arising as a result of using inaccurate or incomplete information. Neither Adria Airways nor any other legal or natural person that was involved in the creation and establishing of the website may be held liable for any damage arising from access to information, use or inability to use information on these websites or for any errors or deficiencies in its content. Information on the website is of a purely informative nature, so Adria Airways accepts no liability for any errors in the content or in the correctness and accuracy of published information that might arise owing to timing issues, errors in data entry or other unforeseen causes. Equally, Adria Airways accepts no liability for the form and content of data obtained from web links not owned by Adria Airways.
Adria Airways also reserves the right to change, add or remove content published on its website without giving any reason or prior notice. All users use all published content on their own responsibility.

10. Use of cookies

As the administrator of the MYADRIA portal, for the purpose of maintaining user sessions and secure authentication of users, Adria Airways d.o.o. uses its own session cookies pursuant to the currently valid Slovenian legislation (ZEKom-1).  The list of cookies used by the Adria Airways website can be viewed on the link