General Terms and Conditions

Last update: 19 December 2017

The General Terms and Conditions regarding the online purchase of Adria Airways airline tickets (online booking) are established in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), the recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, the international codes regulating e-commerce and the Terms and Conditions laid down by Adria Airways for the transport of passengers and baggage.

The online purchases of Adria Airways airline tickets (hereinafter referred to as "online booking") is managed by Adria Airways, slovenski letalski prevoznik d.o.o., the provider of e-commerce services (hereinafter referred to as "the provider").

Upon accessing the Adria Airways website or, you can immediately begin booking airline tickets.Choose your departure and arrival location from the list of destinations, select your departure and return date, the number and type of passengers and the criteria by which the system will search for fares. Choose the dates and fares that best suit you. Depending on the fare conditions, you may be able to select another fare later on if you find that another fare suits you better in terms of the conditions relating to the selected journey (e.g. you do not know the exact date of return and a slightly higher fare allows you to change the booking without additional payment). You may submit a request for a special in-flight meal (e.g. a vegetarian meal or a meal corresponding to your religious beliefs or health condition, allergies, etc.). You can also request a specific seat in the class (economy or business) covered by the fare. You may also confirm or change your seat selection during check-in. The Carrier reserves the right to refuse the request for a special meal or specific seat or offer the passenger an alternative solution where this is necessary for objective reasons. In the next stage you enter your details: surname, first name, Miles & More membership card number, email address and telephone number. When inserting your surname and first name you may not use special characters. The next window shows you the entered fields and offers you the option of receiving news about new offers and other new Adria Airways services that may interest you. Finally, you are asked to confirm the fare conditions. On clicking the "confirm" button, you are redirected to the secure payment site of Banka Koper (a member of the Intesa San Paolo group), a provider of secure online payments via credit cards; if you are an Abanka customer in possession of a digital certificate and a user of the Abanet online program, you may make the payment via Abanet. In the subsequent stages of the booking procedure, you are informed about fare conditions and conditions for changing the ticket or journey. You are informed about additional payment amounts and the types of additional payments included in the ticket price. At the end of the booking procedure, you will receive an email containing a confirmation of booking and payment and an electronic airline ticket, which is also valid as a receipt.

In order to avoid problems during the booking and purchasing process, users of Apple computers, iPads and iPhones who use the Safari browser should not block cookies (Block cookies = never).

The General Terms and Conditions cover the online booking procedure, user's rights and the relationship between the provider and customer.

Accessibility of information

(summary of legislation)

The provider undertakes to provide the customer with the following information at any time:

a) identity of the company (company name and registered office, registry number)

Address – registered office of the company

Adria Airways, Slovenski letalski prevoznik, d.o.o.
Zgornji Brnik 130h
SI -4210 Brnik-Aerodrom

T: +386 4 255 9000
F: +386 4 259 4572

Registration number: 5156505
VAT number: SI 51049406
Registry number: registry entry 1/01352/00

Number of entry in the AJPES register, date of entry.

b) contact information

T: +386 (0)1 369 1010 – online help – help with online booking and purchasing

c) significant characteristics of the goods or services (including after-sales services and warranties)

Airline ticket.

d) accessibility of products (each product or service offered on the website should be accessible within a reasonable term)

Booking and purchasing tickets is available throughout the year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

e) conditions for delivering the product or performing the service (means, place and term of the delivery)

The user instantly receives the online ticket to the e-mail address submitted during the booking procedure. If the user submits the wrong e-mail address, the provider will not be able to ensure the sending of the ticket.

Online tickets can also be purchased at the Adria Airways points of sale in Slovenia and abroad and at authorised agents.

f) all prices should be determined in a clear and unambiguous way and it should be evident whether or not they include taxes and transport costs

Ticket prices are always automatically determined according to the journey information inserted by the user. In every case, the lowest valid price available on the internet is chosen.

The offered price depends on the date of journey and booking, plane capacity and travel class of the booked ticket. Each flight includes various ticket prices. The number of seats at a certain price is limited.

The transport price equals the amount to be paid at the purchasing of a ticket. It normally includes the tariff (transport fee) and various additional payments, in particular airport taxes, charges and other payments. Some additional payments should be made directly to the corresponding state authorities and other competent institutions and cannot be made during acceptance of the ticket.

g) means of payment and delivery

By a debit or credit card ( Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, Aktiva, Maestro from the Aktiva Group and from other issuing banks if they allow usage on internet, Diners Club Erste card) for online purchasing and prices.

Via the Abanet online bank.

Via iDeal, Bancontact/Mr Cash, Giropay, Sofort Überweisung.

h) duration of the offer

Duration of the offer is determined according to the purchase and start date of the journey.

i) the period during which the customer can withdraw from the contract and terms and conditions of withdrawal, including the information on customer’s potential costs for returning the product

Tickets cannot be returned, however, it is possible to cancel or change the entire journey or its part, for which the passenger should pay a certain amount for the conducted changes and the issuing of a new ticket or receives a reimbursement determined in the price conditions (airport taxes).

Costs of changing or cancelling the booking can be lower if the booking is changed or cancelled at least 24 hours before the departure date.

j) explanation of the complaint procedure, including all details of the contact person or customer relations service:

The user may submit a complaint to the Provider via the online form on the Provider's website.

Product offers

The nature of operation via the Internet enables frequent and fast updating of the Online booking offers.

Prices can be classified as Regular prices or Reduced prices – special offers. Regular prices are the airline company’s selling prices or prices determined by the provider itself. Reduced prices – special offers are prices of the product according to special offer conditions and are applied to online purchasing and/or the provider’s points of sale as well as the agents authorised by the provider.

Means of payment

The provider enables the following means of payment:

  • by a debit or credit card ( Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, Aktiva, Maestro from the Aktiva Group and from other issuing banks if they allow usage on internet, Diners Club Erste card) for online purchasing and prices.
  • via the Abanet online bank
  • via iDeal, Bancontact/Mr Cash, Giropay, Sofort Überweisung

The provider issues the ticket deemed as invoice to the purchaser on a durable medium, including analysis of the costs and instructions for withdrawal from the purchase and return of the products, if necessary and possible.

The electronic form of the purchase contract – booking (of the ticket) is stored in the provider’s server; the purchaser can access the contract in the flight database (Checkmytrip) at any time until the journey is ended by inserting the booking code and the passenger’s surname, which gives him/her insight into the booking, or in the central booking system of the provider.


Online prices apply to all users of the Online booking.

Airline ticket prices do not include VAT, which is explicitly listed on the ticket:


The prices are valid at the moment of order submission; in certain cases (e.g. reduced prices, special offers) their validity is determined in advance.

The prices apply to the above listed means of payment according to the above listed conditions.

Although the provider tries its best to ensure updated and accurate information, it could happen that the price information is inaccurate. If the information provided is inaccurate or the ticket price is changed during the processing of the order, the provider will enable the purchaser to withdraw from the purchase and offer him/her the solution that satisfies both parties.

The purchase contract – ticket between the provider and purchaser takes effect from the moment when the provider confirms the order (the purchaser receives an e-mail regarding the order status titled “Confirmation of booking and purchase”). From this moment on, all prices and other conditions are final and binding for the provider and purchaser.

Debit and credit cards

The following conditions apply to the payment by a debit or credit card:

  • the payer is not necessarily the passenger or the passenger does not have to be the owner of the debit or credit card,
  • after the order has been submitted, it is not possible to change its contents or the final amount, except in special cases determined by the provider.

Procedure of booking and purchasing the airline ticket

The user of the Online booking selects the departure and arrival location, the departure and return date, flexible dates or set dates for the journey and the number of passengers and type, confirms the inserted data and proceeds to the following page, where:

a) in case he/she has chosen flexible dates for the journey

he/she selects appropriate dates including corresponding prices (airport taxes and booking costs are included) from the chart.

b) in case he/she must travel on selected dates

He/she chooses the appropriate departure and return flight from the flight chart.

The user can select another price on the following page if the conditions of the first price do not suit him/her or his/her travelling needs.

The user confirms the offered ticket price according to the selected departure and return flights.

During the following stages, the user inserts the surname, first name, telephone number and e-mail address of the passenger(s). He/she can also submit a request for a special meal on the plane and/or a seat selection. Then, he/she checks the inserted data and the price conditions and confirms them. The booking process is ended, and the user will be redirected to the secure payment site, where he/she chooses the means of payment, the type of debit or credit card and inserts the card data. If the user is a client of the Abanka bank, he/she can pay for the ticket via Abanet – online bank.

After the purchase is complete, he/she receives the confirmation of booking and purchase and the online ticket via email.

The duration of each step is limited to a few minutes. When the time elapses, the procedure is automatically terminated.

The system enables the users to book seats up to three business days before departure.

The right to withdraw from the purchase, return of the products

The airline ticket is not the subject of recovery. The user can withdraw from or change the entire or a part of the ticket: date and time of journey and the destination. If he/she cancels the entire ticket at least 24 hours before departure, he/she will be entitled to reimbursement of costs determined by the price conditions or he/she should pay a certain amount for all conducted changes.


The provider delivers the ticket within the agreed period or immediately after the booking or purchase has been made to the user’s email address submitted during the booking procedure. If the user submitted the wrong e-mail address, the provider cannot guarantee the delivery of the ticket.


The provider takes advantage of appropriate technology and organisation means to protect the transfer and saving of personal data and payments. For this purpose, the provider uses the 128-bit SSL Certificate issued by the authorised institution.

Banka Koper supervises the security of authorisations and transactions via credit cards. Credit card authorisations are performed in real-time including immediate bank testing of data. Card data are not stored in the provider’s server.

Personal Data Protection

The provider undertakes not to permanently store any personal data, as the user inserts passenger(s) data (surname, name, telephone number, e-mail address, loyalty club card number) during every booking. The payment is carried out through the Banka Koper website.

The provider uses personal data only for purposes of the order fulfilment (sending information materials and offers if the user has agreed to receive them and sending of invoices) and other necessary communication.

The user’s data will not be disclosed to unauthorised persons under any circumstance.

The user is also responsible for his/her personal data protection; he/she should take care of the safety of the booking code and debit and/or credit card data.


The provider will contact the user by using long-distance communication means only if explicitly allowed by the user during the ticket booking procedure or if the user subscribed to such communication means at the specially designed point.

Advertising e-mails should contain the following features:

  • such mail should be clearly and unambiguously marked as an advertisement,
  • the sender should be clearly written,
  • various special offers, promotions and other marketing means will be marked as such,
  • the conditions of participation in the marketing means will be clearly determined,
  • also the way to cancel the receiving of advertising mail will be clear;
  • the provider will comply with the user’s wish to no longer receive advertising mail.

Child protection

Advertising mail will be clearly marked (in relation to the age of children) and separated from games and competitions. Every communication with children will be adapted to their age and will not take advantage of their trustfulness, lack of experience or feeling of loyalty.

The provider should not take orders from a person he/she knows or suspects to be a child without the explicit permission of their parents or guardians.

Without the explicit permission of the child’s parents or guardians, the provider shall not collect any personal data regarding children. The provider should furthermore not disclose information received by children to third persons, except to their parents or guardians.

The provider should not offer free access to products or services that could be harmful to children.

Discharge from liability

The provider does its best to ensure the updating and accuracy of information on its websites. The ticket prices can however change so quickly that the provider cannot change the information on the websites in time. The provider will in any case inform the purchaser about the changes and enable him/her to withdraw from the order.

Complaints and disputes

The Provider complies with applicable legislation on consumer protection and makes every effort to fulfil its obligation to establish an effective system for dealing with complaints. To this end, it has created an online complaint form that may be accessed via the Provider's website.

An out-of-court dispute settlement between the user and the provider is the responsibility of the authority found on the following link.